Chairman visits Prokhrebong-Nagri

Chairman visits Prokhrebong-Nagri

October 9, 2018: Chairman Shri Dipraj Rai visited Pokhrebong-Nagri regions on Sunday. Chairman was also felicitated by the KKRSS Pokhrebong-Nagri branch during his visit. Felicitation programme was organized at the Pokhrebong public community hall, which was presided over by Shri Pramod Rai and hosted by Shri Milan Rai. Distinguished guests such as GTA Executive engineer Shri Nayan Rai, Shri SM Bangdel, Shri GM Rai, Shri BB Rai, Shri Binod Rai, Board member Shri Sushil Rai and Shri CD Bantawa etc. were present during the occasion.

nagri pokhrebong oct 9 cm visit



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