A ritual Yasangwa Dosangwa held

A ritual Yasangwa Dosangwa held

Kalimpong, October 2, 2018: A ritual of Khambu Rai,  Yasama Dosama, which is performed once in a year at the river bank, in belief of cleansing spiritually and get rid from wicked curses, evil thoughts and treachery of enemies, rivalries etc. A ritual is traditionally performed by the Khambu Rai Mangpa, where wicked Curse, evil deeds are usually believed to be drowned away at river with the help of Kirati Mundhum. As Khambu Rai Mundhum is based in oral recitation (thuturi bedh), where they strongly believe that any verbal whisper with bad intention, may affect negatively to some extent to individual or society at large.

The programme was organized by Khambu Rai Chintan Pariwar from Kalimpong, where distinguished Khambu Rai personalities of the society are associated. There were various groups of Khambu Rai from Darjeeling hills were present, such as KKRSS, AIKRA etc.

During the occasion, WBKRDB Chairman Shri Dipraj Rai was the chief guest, Vice Chairman Smt. Sharda Rai was also present and interacted on current issues of Khambu Rai of Darjeeling hills among all the Khambu Rai groups who were present on the occasion.






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